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Beeman Air Rifles: High Quality, Affordable Air Guns

Beeman air rifles and air pistols are high performance air guns that offer quality manufacturing and features at affordable prices. There are a variety of types and models of Beeman air rifles that are available including air rifles for the expert shooter as well as the beginner. At Outdoor Sports Depot, we are a one stop shop for all types of air guns and air gun equipment. With a complete selection of discount Beeman air rifles and accessories, we have the air guns and equipment needed to satisfy any shooters needs without breaking their budget. Please shop our discount Beeman air rifles or read more to learn about why people choose affordable Beeman air rifles for air gun hunting and shooting.

Beeman Air Rifles

Beeman Mach 12.5

Mach 12.5 .22 1000 FPS Air Rifle .22, 1000 FPS Air Rifle
Mach 12.5 .177 1250 FPS Air Rifle .177, 1250 FPS Air Rifle

Beeman RS2 Combo

RS2 Combo .22 w/3-9x32 Scope .22 w/3-9x32 Scope
RS2 Combo .177 w/3-9x32 Scope .177 w/3-9x32 Scope

Beeman Weighted BB Repeater

Marksman .177 BB Rifle,FiberOptic w/FiberOptic

Beeman Wolverine Carbine

Wolverine Carbine Air Rifle .177 Air Rifle .177 Caliber

Additional Beeman Air Rifles

Carnivore Air Rifle .177 cal Beeman
Carnivore Air Rifle .177 cal
RS1 Air Rifle .177 Pkg w/4x32 Scp Beeman
RS1 Air Rifle .177 Pkg w/4x32 Scp
RS3 AW DC Rifle w/Case .177&.22 Beeman
RS3 AW DC Rifle w/Case .177&.22
Bear Claw Air Rifle .177 cal Beeman
Bear Claw Air Rifle .177 cal
Elkhorn Air Rifle .177cal Beeman
Elkhorn Air Rifle .177cal
Xcel X2 DC w/Case .177 & .22 Beeman
Xcel X2 DC w/Case .177 & .22
Predator Air Rifle .177 cal Beeman
Predator Air Rifle .177 cal
SS550 Air Rifle .177 w/4x20 Scope Beeman
SS550 Air Rifle .177 w/4x20 Scope

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About Beeman Air Rifles

Beeman air rifles have been leading the way in the precision air gun market for the last two decades. The company manufactures a variety of air guns and air rifles for shooters of all skill and experience levels including high quality, top of the line guns as well as affordable and economically priced guns. Every Beeman air rifle, from affordable models to the more expensive models, offers an unmatched collection of quality features.

Beeman air rifles include a number of important features and high quality aspects that make these air guns superior for both target shooting and hunting. The quality features that help to make Beeman air rifles superior guns when compared to the competition include:

  • All Steel Receiver Caps: Most of the receiver caps on Beeman air rifles are made from solid steel. These receiver caps feature huge precision threads that fit perfectly into the threaded end of the received so that the junction is almost invisible. This is much higher quality compared to other air rifles, which have receiver caps made of thin plastic or sheet metal.
  • Quality Triggers: Some shooters do not realize the extent to which trigger mechanism quality can affect the actual accuracy of an air rifle. Beeman air rifles utilize high quality, multi-lever trigger designs, which allow great mechanical advantage and crisp action. These triggers are also modular units that are contained within their own rugged, single housing, which can be conveniently removed without the difficult and dangerous task of removing the main spring.
  • Solid Metal Trigger Guards: Even on the smaller Beeman air rifle and air pistol models, the trigger guards are precision cast from solid metal. This is significantly higher quality than the competition, which offers guards that are strip stamped from sheet metal.
  • Steel Safeties: All of the Beeman air rifle safeties are made from steel. This is a significant improvement over other low quality safeties, which can be made of sheet metal stamping and / or cast plastic.
  • Precision Crafted Barrels: The steel barrels on Beeman air rifles are precision rifled and crowned for improved accuracy. These barrels feature small, rounded, rifling ridges that turn the pellet with no air blow-by and minimal friction or distortion. Ultimately, this results in air rifles that feature improved accuracy and precision.
  • Synthetic Piston Seals: Beeman air rifles use modern synthetic piston seals that can freely rotate to allow the seal to follow the path of least resistance during the piston stroke.

Our Discount Beeman Air Rifles

At our online sporting goods store, we you will find a complete selection of Beeman air rifles and air pistols. These quality air guns are available to our customers at affordable, discount prices. If you have been searching for a quality air gun at an affordable price, please feel free to shop our current selection of Beeman air rifles including many popular Beeman air rifle models, such as:

  • Beeman RS2 Air Rifles
  • Beeman RS1 Air Rifles
  • Beeman SS550 Air Rifles
  • Beeman Weighted BB Repeater Air Rifles
  • Beeman Mach 12.5 Air Rifles