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Benjamin Air Rifles: Classic & Innovative Air Rifles

Benjamin air rifles are quality air guns that feature classic wood and metal styling combined with the latest innovation and quality engineering in order to achieve significant shooting power and accuracy. At Outdoor Sports Depot, we carry a complete selection of Benjamin air rifles including PCP, break barrel, and multi-pump pneumatic air guns. These legendary air rifles are perfect for target shooting, plinking, and pest control. Please browse our selection of discount Benjamin air rifles provided below to find the best air rifle for your needs.

Benjamin Air Rifles

Benjamin Sheridan Benjamin Trail NP

Benj Trail NPXL1500 .177 Hdwd StkXL 1500 .177 Hardwood Stock
Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 .22CalXL1100 .22Cal Nitro Piston
Benjamin Trail NP.22 Wood Stock.22, Wood Stock

Benjamin Sheridan Discovery Pre-Charged Air Rifle

Discovery Pre-Charged .22.22 Caliber
Discovery Pre-Charged .177.177 Caliber

Benjamin Sheridan Marauder

Benjm Marauder .22Cal Pneum Rifle.22 Caliber
Marauder .177 Cal.177 Caliber

Additional Benjamin Air Rifles

BenjTrail All-Weath NP.22,w/ScopeBenjamin Sheridan
BenjTrail All-Weath NP.22,w/Scope
Model 397 .177 Caliber BlackBenjamin Sheridan
Model 397 .177 Caliber Black
Model 392 .22 Caliber BlackBenjamin Sheridan
Model 392 .22 Caliber Black
Model CB9 .20 Caliber BlackBenjamin Sheridan
Model CB9 .20 Caliber Black

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Benjamin Air Rifles: History of the Classic Benjamin Air Gun

Benjamin air rifles were first developed in 1902 in St. Louis, Missouri by Walter Benjamin. These guns were originally developed and marketed as the ideal first gun for growing boys. In fact, Benjamin created a number of advertisements that attempted to convince the public that owning one’s first Benjamin air rifle was an important step in guiding boys to manhood. Today, Benjamin air rifles are still manufactured in the same timeless tradition. These air rifles have become an important part of so many men and boy’s lives and this nostalgia still propels the brand’s popularity today.

Classic Benjamin air rifles are now manufactured by trusted air gun manufacturer Crosman, who also produces their own line of high quality air guns and air gun equipment. Benjamin air rifles, which are known for accuracy and durability, feature classic designs including wood and metal construction. These air rifles are able to produce a lot of power, with many rifles capable of firing pellets at 1000 feet per second or more. Benjamin air rifles are available in several models including PCP, break barrel, and multi-pump pneumatic actions. These air rifles are perfect for any air gun hunting or shooting application especially for target shooting, plinking, and pest control.

Popular Benjamin Air Rifles

While new models of Benjamin air rifles are still being designed and developed today, many of the current Benjamin Air Rifle models have been popular for decades. All of the Benjamin air rifles are known and trusted for providing quality engineering and performance. Popular Benjamin air rifle models include:

  • Benjamin 392 Air Rifles: This popular Benjamin air rifle is known for offering timeless performance and dependable accuracy, which has kept this air rifle as a favorite for many years. This multi-pump pneumatic air rifle is perfect for small game and pest hunting while offering the accuracy needed for target practice.
  • Benjamin Discovery Pre-Charged Air Rifles: The Benjamin Discovery air rifles are combination compressed air and CO2 powered air guns. These Benjamin air rifles offer trouble free shooting because once filled there is no need to pump the gun or to worry about the outdoor temperature. These Benjamin air rifles are ideal for small game hunting, pest control, and target shooting.
  • Benjamin Marauder Air Rifles: The revolutionary new Benjamin PCP air rifles offer all of the features and modern technology needed for small game hunting or target shooting. This Benjamin air rifle model offers unsurpassed accuracy with a Crosman Custom choked barrel, match grade trigger pack with a metal trigger, raised aluminum breech with heavy duty pull bolt, and option for shooting using a high pressure tank or hand pump.
  • Benjamin Trail NP Air Rifles: These Benjamin air rifles utilize Crosman’s unique Nitro Piston technology to create rugged break barrel rifles that offer impressive muzzle velocities for nearly any air gun shooting situation.

At Outdoor Sports Depot, we carry these and other popular Benjamin air rifles, air pistols, and air gun equipment for competition shooting, target shooting, and hunting. All of our popular Benjamin air rifles are available at affordable, discount prices. Please browse our current selection of Benjamin air rifles above or see our other discount air rifles and air pistols for sale.