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Cuddeback Trail Cameras: Discount Game Cameras

Cuddeback trail cameras are specifically designed to capture better photos than other hunting and game cameras. Each Cuddeback trail camera features ultra fast trigger speeds, subject centered technology, and long battery life to help you capture better and more photos of deer, bears, and other wildlife. At Outdoor Sports Supply, we sell a complete selection of Cuddeback trail cameras at discount prices. This includes affordable Cuddeback capture trail cameras, Cuddeback Attack trail cameras, and Cuddeback Attack IR trail cameras.

If you cannot find the Cuddeback trail camera to fit your needs below, please feel free to browse our complete selection of affordable trail cameras to find the discount hunting or game camera that fits your needs and your budget.

Cuddeback Trail Cameras

Cuddeback Attack IRCuddeback
Cuddeback Attack IR
Cuddeback AttackCuddeback
Cuddeback Attack
CuddeView X2Cuddeback
CuddeView X2
Cuddeback 2GB Memory CardCuddeback
Cuddeback 2GB Memory Card

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Benefits of Buying Cuddeback Trail Cameras

Mark Cuddeback developed one of the first trail and scouting cameras in 1984 in an attempt to develop a device that could make him a more effective hunter. This was one of the first cameras invented to use photographs that record the date and time of deer activity as a means of scouting. Since then, Cuddeback has been manufacturing high performance trail cameras and the company’s name has become synonymous with state-of-the –art digital scouting cameras. Today the main goal at Cuddeback is to develop high-performance scouting cameras that can photograph any deer that goes by.

Advantages of choosing Cuddeback trail cameras for scouting and tracking game and other wildlife include:

  • Ultra fast Trigger Speed: Cuddeback trail cameras are known for their ability to capture more photos of deer and other wildlife with a faster trigger speed. This allows you to capture even images of fast moving animals rather than simply seeing a blank image.
  • Centered Subject Technology: The centered subject technology that is available on any Cuddeback trail camera combines Cuddeback’s trusted fast trigger speed with fast animal detection to help ensure you get more deer and other wildlife centered in your images.
  • Super Simple Setup: All of the Cuddeback trail cameras are extremely easy to set up and use with a simple knob operated system.
  • Extra Long Battery Life: Cuddeback trail cameras are optimized to extend battery life allowing you to take an impressive number of photographs with one set of batteries. This can help ensure you get more photographs of game as your camera will not be sitting inactive with dead batteries.
  • Smart Color Image Technology: All of the color photographs taken by Cuddeback trail cameras utilize smart color technology, which is state-of-the-art image processing that results in noticeably more intense color than the images from other cameras.

Cuddeback Attack Trail Cameras

The new Cuddeback Attack series cameras raise the performance bar for all trail cameras. These Cuddeback trail cameras offer the faster trigger speeds, longer battery life and a variety of exciting features to help you capture the best pictures a trail camera can offer. These new Cuddeback trail cameras are available in standard, which produces vibrant color photos during the day and night, and in infrared models that take color photos during the day and the clearest infrared photos at night.

The new Cuddeback Attack trail cameras feature all of the features you would expect from a Cuddeback trail camera as well as:

  • An even faster trigger speed that triggers in merely ¼ of a second
  • Exceptional picture clarity with a 60-foot flash range on both the white flash model and the Attack IR
  • Full season battery life that can capture over 10,000 images on one set of batteries
  • Video clip options at day or night with the Attack IR model