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Gamo Air Rifles: High Powered Air Rifles for Hunting

If you are looking for an air rifle that offers the power and precision needed for any air gun hunting, small game hunting, varmint hunting, or pest control application, Gamo air rifles are an excellent choice. Gamo air rifles are high quality, precision air rifles that utilize some of the latest noise reduction technology to create the perfect air rifle for any small game hunter. Please shop our complete selection of affordable Gamo air rifles below to find the best air rifle for your needs or shop our entire collections of air rifles and air pistols for sale.

Gamo Air Rifles

Gamo Whisper

Whisper .22 w/3-9x40 + PBA.22 CAL W/ 3-9X40 + PBA (25 rds)
Whisper .177 w/3-9x40 & Mountsw/3-9x40 & Mounts
WhisperVH .177 w/3-9x40 Light,LsrVarmint Hunter

Additional Gamo Air Rifles

Silent Cat .177 w/4x32 + PBAGamo
Silent Cat .177 w/4x32 + PBA
VarmintHntr .177 w/4x32 Light,LsrGamo
VarmintHntr .177 w/4x32 Light,Lsr
Socom Extreme .177 w/3-9x50 RGBDGamo
Socom Extreme .177 w/3-9x50 RGBD
Bone Collectr .177 w/3-9x40 + PBAGamo
Bone Collectr .177 w/3-9x40 + PBA
Whisper CFR .177 w/4x32 + PBAGamo
Whisper CFR .177 w/4x32 + PBA
SilentStalkerWhsp IGT.177w/3-9x40Gamo
SilentStalkerWhsp IGT.177w/3-9x40
Nitro-17 .177 w/3-9x40 + PBAGamo
Nitro-17 .177 w/3-9x40 + PBA

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About Gamo Air Rifles

For over 120 years, Gamo has been in the air gun industry, designing and producing quality high powered air rifles, air pistols, and air gun ammunition. Gamo air rifles and air pistols are specifically created with the needs of the small game hunting and pest control markets in mind. These high powered Gamo air rifles are trusted today by many hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for everything from competition shooting and backyard shooting to small game hunting and pest control.

Gamo focuses on producing high quality air guns, air rifles, and air pistols that will offer any shooter the ultimate satisfaction and quality. Each Gamo air rifle utilizes the latest technology and undergoes strict testing in order to ensure that these air guns offer the power and accuracy that any air gun hunter or shooting enthusiast needs. It is through an emphasis and commitment to both quality control and innovation that Gamo can continue to produce high quality and high powered air guns.

Gamo Air Rifles & Extensive Quality Control Processes

When manufacturing each Gamo air rifle, the company follows a variety of quality control processes in order to ensure the best quality products. These quality control procedures include producing and inspecting each component and metal part, putting each air gun through a series of thorough checks and final inspection to ensure quality, power, accuracy, and finish, and randomly selecting and testing air guns with special torture tests then inspecting them for deterioration and wear.

The Gamo Commitment to Innovation

Gamo air rifles utilize the latest technology and innovation to develop air guns that offer precision, accuracy, and power. Several examples of this new advanced technology include the:

  • Inert Gas Technology (IGT): This technology allows users to shoot pellet ammunition by using pneumatic gas cylinders instead of an internal spring. This offers quieter and more precise shooting compared to normal spring break-barrel air rifles, which is extremely important for any small game hunter.
  • Bull Whisper Barrel Technology: This technology can significantly reduce the sound when firing a Gamo air rifle. This is because of a special sound dampener, which is incorporated into the bull barrel. When the compressed air propels the pellet and it passes through the Bull Whisper, this technology allows the Bull Whisper to keep part of the air, thus reducing the noise while still allowing the pellet to keep the same velocity. This technology is available on several Gamo air rifle models

Buy Discount Gamo Air Rifles

At Outdoor Sports Depot, we have a complete selection of Gamo air rifles and air guns for sale at discount prices. These affordable air guns are designed specifically for varmint hunting, small game hunting, and pest control with special noise reducing and power enhancing technologies. Please feel free to browse our selection of discount Gamo air rifles on this page. If you are unable to find the air rifle that meets your needs, please see our complete selections of air rifles and air pistols as well as other air gun equipment.