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Digital Scouting Camera: Game Cameras and Trail Cameras for Hunting

A digital scouting camera is camera specifically designed for hunting or tracking game. Trail cameras take quality digital pictures and often even video clips during the day. In addition, most digital trail cameras offer either a white strobe flash for color pictures at night or an infrared night-vision flash for black and white night images. Digital game cameras are small, compact, and available in durable weatherproof cases. At Outdoor Sports Depot, we supply a variety of discount digital scouting cameras from leading manufacturers such as Moultrie Game Cameras and Cuddeback Cameras.

Spy Point Digital Cam

DigCam-6MP/46 Infrd LED Blk6MP/46 Infrared LED, Black
DigCam-6MP/46 Infrd LED Camo6MP/46 Infrared LED, Camo

Spy Point Pro-X 12MP IR w/Screen, Solar Power Adaptability

Pro-X 12MP IR w/Scrn, CamoCamo

Spy Point Pro-X 12MP IR w/Screen, Solar Power Adaptable

Pro-X 12MP IR w/Scrn, BlackBlack

Stealth Cam, LLC Prowler Game Camera

Prowler HD IDVR CameraHD IDVR Camera

Tasco Trail Cam

5MP Trail Cam w/Night Vision Black5MP, Night Vision, Black

Digital Scouting Cameras

Tree Bracket Trophy Cam Black DlxBushnell
Tree Bracket Trophy Cam Black Dlx
8MP Trophy Cam BC RTAP Night VisBushnell
8MP Trophy Cam BC RTAP Night Vis
Security Case Trophy Cam BrownBushnell
Security Case Trophy Cam Brown
Cuddeback 1GB Memory CardDeerCam
Cuddeback 1GB Memory Card
Single Drop TineDo-All Traps
Single Drop Tine
Double Drop TineDo-All Traps
Double Drop Tine
Nighthawk 35mm Game Surv CameraGame Country
Nighthawk 35mm Game Surv Camera
Game Spy I-35 DigitalMoultrie Feeders
Game Spy I-35 Digital
Game Spy 45 Digital Game Dlx MTMMoultrie Feeders
Game Spy 45 Digital Game Dlx MTM
Game Spy I-45 S DigitalMoultrie Feeders
Game Spy I-45 S Digital
Game Spy I-65 S DigitalMoultrie Feeders
Game Spy I-65 S Digital
6 Volt Solar PanelMoultrie Feeders
6 Volt Solar Panel
PicViewer-w/2Spy Point
PicViewer-w/2"Scrn/ Rchg Lith Bat
Sports Video CameraSpy Point
Sports Video Camera
Power Cable w/Clips For 12vSpy Point
Power Cable w/Clips For 12v
Jim Shockey Sniper Pro CameraStealth Cam, LLC
Jim Shockey Sniper Pro Camera
Rogue 8 CameraStealth Cam, LLC
Rogue 8 Camera

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Buying a Digital Scouting Camera

The trail cameras that are available on the market today each offer a variety of unique characteristics in order to better help you track and hunt game. While all of the digital scouting cameras available at discount prices from Outdoor Sports Depot offer durable, weatherproof cases and quick, easy tree mounting, a number of other characteristics help distinguish one camera from another. From trigger speed to picture quality and size, there are several important characteristics and special features, which you should consider when you are buying a digital scouting camera in order to determine the best game camera for you. The following are some main differences that exist between our discount digital scouting cameras.

Camera Trigger Speed

A camera's trigger speed is defined as the time from when an animal enters the sensor field of view to when the camera actually triggers and a picture is taken. Cameras that have a slow trigger speed will often snap pictures too late, therefore, missing the animal completely or catching only a tail or nose. Several of the discount cameras available from Outdoor Sports Depot have made improvements and special features to improve trigger speed or image quality. For example, Cuddeback Capture digital scouting cameras offer the fastest trigger speed available today of less than 1/3 of a second. In addition, Cuddeback cameras offer patented Centered Subject Technology that works to catch the subject near the center of the image for better image quality and improved scouting results. Bushnell digital scouting cameras, with a trigger speed of 1 second, offer a technology that helps accommodate this slower trigger speed by increasing the PIR heat sensor area so that it is activated up to 45 feet.

Infrared vs. Strobe Flash Digital Scouting Cameras

Digital scouting cameras are available with either a strobe flash option that will take quality color photos and video clips at nighttime or an infrared flash to take black and white nighttime pictures. The main benefit of an infrared digital scouting camera is that this flash will be completely undetectable by the deer and other wildlife allowing you to capture completely natural photos and videos of the wildlife. A downside of night-vision game cameras is that they result in reduced picture quality.

Strobe flash digital scouting cameras use a white flash to take color pictures during nighttime. These pictures offer superior quality resulting in improved data collection for tracking and scouting game. In addition, strobe flash cameras will generally completely freeze animal movement reducing motion blur. A main downside to bright flash cameras for game scouting and hunting is that they may spoke deer and other wildlife. Learn more about infrared scouting cameras and determine which flash type is best for you.

Digital Scouting Camera Image Viewing Method

Another factor, which may influence your decision when buying the best digital scouting camera for you is the image viewing method or methods available. Many digital scouting cameras offer built-in LCD viewing screens so you can quickly and easily see the pictures that were taken by your camera. This feature is available on a number of digital scouting cameras including the Bushnell Trail Camera, several Moultrie Scouting Cameras, and Spy Point Digital Cameras. A downside to built-in picture viewers is that they tend to malfunction when left in cold weather and may be damaged completely from extreme cold.

Several manufacturers have developed portable external viewers to combat the problems encountered with the typical LCD display. The Cuddeback external viewer can be used with any of their digital scouting cameras to quickly download images from the camera and view them in any location.

Moultrie has developed an innovative game management system that revolutionizes image viewing and is compatible with any of their new Game Spy game scouting cameras. This system allows you to remotely upload pictures from your camera to your personal website, which can be accessed from any internet enabled computer, phone, or PDA.