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A folding knife can be one of the most useful tools to have in a number of situations. Folding knives are tough to take on difficult tasks, they can easily and safely be carried almost anywhere in a pocket or bag, and they are ready at hand whenever you need it. At our discount sporting goods store, we sell a complete selection of discount folding knives from leading manufacturers including pocket knives, tactical folding knives, easy open folding knives, multi-blade folding knives, locking blade folding knives, and multi-purpose or utility folding knives. All of our folding knives come from leading knife manufacturers and are available at affordable, discount prices. Please feel free to browse our selection of discount folding knives below to find the best knife that fits your needs.

Learn more about choosing and buying the best folding knives below.

Folding Knives

Browning Backdraft

355 Backdraft, Blue
  • Blue
  • Black

Browning Backtrack Knife

536 Backtrack Elk
  • Elk
  • Turkey
  • Bear
  • Deer

Browning Browning For Her Knife

895 Brn For Her, Bone Folder
  • Folder, White Bone Handle
  • Folder, Mossy Oak Break-Up, Pink

Browning Classic Folder

Classic Folder, Stag
  • Stag
  • Stainless
  • Medium, Stainless Steel
  • Wood
  • Medium, Ebony
  • Pearl

Browning Escalade Folding Skinner

Escalade, Lg Folding Skinner
  • Large
  • Medium

Browning Fast Task

771 Fast Task Black G-10
  • Black G-10
  • Green G-10
  • Rosewood

Browning Gunstock Jigged Bone Knife

875 Gunstock Jigged Bone, 1 Bld
  • 1 Blade
  • 3 Blade
  • 2 Blade

Browning Independence Knife

742 Independence, Digi-Camo
  • Digital Camo
  • Black
  • Carbon Fiber

Browning Kodiak FDT

600 Kodiak Field Dressing Tool
  • M600 Drop Point, Saw, and Hide Cutter, Black
  • M640 Drop Point Saw/Hide Cutter, MOBU

Browning Lil' Bit Desert Ironwood Knife

Lil' Bit Desert Ironwood Folder
  • Folder

Browning Lil' Bit Stag

Lil' Bit Stag Folder
  • Folder

Browning Mountain Ti Folding Knife

Mountain Ti, Medium Grey
  • Medium, Gray
  • Small, Gray

Browning Obsession, Black

710 2 Blade Obsession Black
  • 2-Blade
  • 1-Blade

Browning Presentation Lock Back Knives

305 Presentation Knife Cocobolo
  • M305 Cocobolo
  • M306 Quince
  • M307 Stag

Browning Prism II Knife

Prism II Mountain Ti/Orange
  • Mountain Titanium/Orange
  • Mountain Titanium/Blue
  • Mountain Titanium/Green
  • Mountain Titanium/Black
  • Mountain Titanium/Pink
  • Mountain Titanium/Mossy Oak Infinity

Browning Scrimshaw Knife

Scrimshaw Knife, Whitetail
  • Whitetail
  • Lab
  • Mallard
  • Elk
  • Turkey
  • Mule Deer
  • Pheasant

Browning Stag Hunting Knife

524 Stag Knife Big Game II
  • M524 Big Game II Knife

Browning Tactial Hunter

504 Tactial Hunter G-10
  • G-10
  • Mossy Oak Infinity

Browning Whitetail Legacy

Whitetail Legacy, Folder
  • Folding Blade

Case Cutlery Amber Series

62131 CV Amber Canoe
  • 62131 CV Canoe
  • 6318 CV Medium Stockman
  • 6347 Stainless Steel Stockman
  • 6207 Stainless Steel Mini Trapper
  • 6220 Stainless Steel Peanut
  • 6318 Stainless Steel Medium Stockman
  • 6254 Stainless Steel Trapper
  • 6375 CV Large Stockman
  • 62032 CV Small Texas Jack
  • 63032 CV Medium Stockman
  • 6354HB Stainless Steel Hobo

Case Cutlery Black Synthetic Handle Series

2138 SS Black Synthetic SodBuster
  • 2138 Stainless Steel Sod Buster
  • 2137 Stainless Steel Sod Buster Jr.

Case Cutlery Brown Synthetic Handle Series

63087 SS Brown Syn Medium Stock
  • 63087 Stainless Steel Medium Stockman
  • 6344 Stainless Steel Medium Stockman
  • 6233 Stainless Steel Pen
  • 6333 Stainless Steel Small Stockman
  • 61048 Stainless Steel Barehead Slimline Trapper
  • 6220 Stainless Steel Peanut

Case Cutlery Chestnut Series

Muskrat CV Chestnut
  • Muskrat CV
  • 6154L CV TrapperLock
  • 6220 CV Peanut

Case Cutlery Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Series

2207 SS Dale Jr Black Mini Trap
  • 2207 Stainless Steel Mini Trap, Black
  • 2318 Stainless Steel Medium Stockman, Black
  • 61953LC Stainless Steel Magic RussLock

Case Cutlery John Deere Series

6159L SS John Deere Green Hammer
  • 6159L Stainless Steel Hammer, Green

Case Cutlery Key Lime Series

61225L Key Lime Small Lockback
  • 61225L Stainless Steel Small Lockback
  • 63090 Stainless Steel Medium Stockman

Case Cutlery Lockback Series

2159L SS Hammerhead w/Leat Sheath
  • 2159L Stainless Steel Hammerhead with Leather Sheath
  • LT1059L Stainless Steel Mini Blackthorn
  • LT1225L Stainless Steel Caliber
  • M1059L Stainless Steel Executive
  • M1225L Stainless Steel Executive
  • XX-Changer Rosewood w/Leather Sheath
  • P158L Stainless Steel Mako with Leather Sheath
  • XX-Changer Amber w/ Guthook
  • LT1225L Stainless Steel Caliber Camo

Case Cutlery Mother of Pearl Series

8220 SS Mother-of-Pearl Peanut
  • 8220 Stainless Steel Peanut
  • 8173L BG-42 SlimLock

Case Cutlery Smooth Black G-10 Series

10220 SS Smooth Black G-10 Peanut
  • 10220 Stainless Steel Peanut
  • 101048 Stainless Steel Slim Line Trapper
  • 10318 Stainless Steel Medium Stockman

Case Cutlery Stag Series

5220 SS Stag Peanut
  • 5220 Stainless Steel Peanut
  • 52087 Stainless Steel Medium Jack Knife
  • Stainless Steel Genuine Muskrat
  • 5193L Stainless Steel RussLock
  • 5318 Stainless Steel Medium Stockman
  • 5154L Stainless Steel TrapperLock

Case Cutlery Worn Old Red Series

6207 SS Worn Old Red Mini Trap
  • 6207 Stainless Steel Mini Trapper
  • 6318 Stainless Steel Medium Stockman
  • 610096 Stainless Steel Small Texas Toothpick
  • 6254 Stainless Steel Pocket Trapper
  • 6154L Stainless Steel TrapperLock
  • 6220 Stainless Seel Pocket Peanut

Case Cutlery Yellow Handle Series

310096 CV Yellow Sm TX Toothpick
  • 310096 CV Texas Toothpick
  • 3137 CV Sod Buster Jr.
  • 32087 CV Handle Pen
  • 31048 CV Barehead Slim Trap
  • 3207 CV Mini Trap
  • 3220 CV Peanut
  • 3318 CV Medium Stockman
  • 3254 CV Trapper
  • 3154L CV Trapper Lock

Coast Grandpa Brands Burnt Bone

Grandpa Brands Burnt Bone Lockbac
  • Lockback
  • Medium Stockman

Coast Stockman

Large Stockman
  • Large
  • Small

Cold Steel Espada

Espada III, Medium
  • III, Medium
  • V, Large
  • VII, Extra Large

Cold Steel Rajah

Rajah II
  • II

Cold Steel Recon 1

Recon 1 Clip 50/50
  • Clip 50/50
  • Clip, Straight Edge
  • Tanto 50/50
  • Tanto, Straight Edge

Cold Steel Ti-Lite

6 inch zytel ti-lite
  • 6", Zytel Handle
  • 4", Zytel Handle

Cold Steel Voyager Knife

Voyager Lg Clip Pt PE
  • Large Clip Point
  • Medium Clip Point
  • X-Large, Clip Point, Plain Edge
  • Large Vaquero, Plain Edge
  • X-Large, Clip Point, Half-Plain/Half-Serrated

Columbia River Delilah's PECK

Delilah's PECK Blk Wharncliffe RS
  • Black, Wharncliffe, RS
  • Wharncliffe, RS Edge, Clam

Columbia River Desert Tactical Folder

M16-13 Zytel - Desert Camo Comb
  • M16-13ZM Military

Columbia River Edgie

Edgie Self-Sharp, RS Edge, Clam
  • Razor Sharp Edge, Clam

Columbia River Gallagher

Gallagher Glide LTD Razor Sharp
  • Glide LTD Razor Sharp

Columbia River Hissatsu

Folding Hissatsu-Asst Clip RS
  • Assisted Clip, Razor Sharp
  • Black, EDP Blade, Zytel Razor Sharp

Columbia River Ignitor T G10 Handle

Ignitor T G10 Handle, Veff Serr
  • Veff Serrated
  • Razor Edge

Columbia River KISS in the Dark

KISS in the Dark Black Tanto Comb
  • Black Tanto, Combination Edge
  • Black Tanto, RS Edge

Columbia River KISS Tanto

KISS Tanto, RS Edge, Clam
  • Razor Sharp Edge, Clam

Columbia River Kommer

Kommer Fulcrum Pink Handle RS
  • Fulcrum, Pink Handle, Razor Sharp

Columbia River Krein Dogfish Neck Knife

Krein Dogfish Neck, Comb Edge
  • Combination Edge

Columbia River M16

M16-13 ER-Spear Pt Orange Comb
  • Model 13 ER-Spear Pt., (Orange)
  • Model 12 ER-Tanto, (Orange)

Columbia River M16 Special Forces

M16-13 Sp Forces Blk Tanto Comb
  • Black, Tanto, Combination

Columbia River M16 Titanium

M16-01 Spear Pt Razor Edge Titan
  • M16-01T
  • M16-13T

Columbia River M16-14 Tactical Knife

M16-14 Zytel - Desert Sp CombEdge
  • M16-14ZSF Desert Big Dog
  • M16-14SF
  • M16-14Z, Large, Combination Edge
  • BigDog, Tan, Tanto, Comination Edge
  • M16-14T

Columbia River M16-Z

M16-02 Zytel - Razor Sharp Edge
  • M16-02Z, Small, Razor Sharp Edge
  • M16-12Z, Small, Combination Edge
  • M16-04Z, Large, Razor Sharp Edge
  • M16-13Z, Medium, Combination Edge
  • M16-03Z, Medium, Razor Sharp Edge

Columbia River M16-Z EDC

M16-01 Compact EDC - Razor Edge
  • Razor Edge
  • Combined Edge
  • Zytel Black Razor Edge
  • Zytel Black Combination Edge

Columbia River M21

M21 Special Forces- Comb Edge
  • M21-04, Special Forces
  • M21-12, Small, Combination Edge
  • M21-02, Small, Razor Sharp Edge
  • M21-04, Large, Razor Sharp Edge

Columbia River My Tighe

My Tighe -Asst Opening, Comb Edge
  • Assisted Opening, Combination Edge
  • Assisted Opening, Combination Edge
  • Assisted Opening, Razor Sharp Edge

Columbia River Pocket Classic Knife Series

Pocket Classic-Texas Toothpick
  • Texas Toothpick
  • Whittler -3 Blades
  • Stockman -3 Blades

Columbia River Van Hoy Snap Lock

Van Hoy Snap Lock 2 RS Edge, Clam
  • Razor Sharp Edge, Clam
  • Razor Sharp Edge, Clam
  • Combination Edge, Clam

Gerber Blades Aluminum Presto

Aluminum Presto 2.5 F/E Clam
  • Assisted Open, 2.5 Fine Edge Clam Pack
  • Assisted Open, 3.0 Serrated Edge Clam Pack

Gerber Blades Answer

Answer 3.25,SE,Tanto, Bx
  • 3.25, Serrated Edge,Tanto
  • 3.25, Fine Edge, Drop Point

Gerber Blades AO FAST 3.00

AO FAST 3.00 DrpPt Fine Edge Clam
  • Drop Point Fine Edge Clam
  • Drop Point Serrated Clam

Gerber Blades Applegate-Fairbairn

Mini Covert - Serrated Edge, Clam
  • Mini Covert, Serrated Clam Pack
  • Covert Double Bevel Edge Titanium
  • Covert Double Bevel Edge

Gerber Blades AR 3.00 Series

AR 3.00, Fine Edge, Box
  • Fine, Stainless Steel Blade
  • Fine, Black Teflon Coated Stainless Steel Blade
  • Serrated, Black Teflon Coated Stainless Steel Blade
  • Serrated, Stainless Steel Blade

Gerber Blades Bear Grylls Series

Bear Grylls Fold Sheath Knife, Cl
  • Folding Sheath Knife
  • Scout, Clip
  • Compact Scout, Serrated

Gerber Blades Convert

Mini Covert FAST,SE,Box
  • Mini, Fast, Serrated Edge, Box
  • FAST, Serrated Edge, Box

Gerber Blades Crevice Drop Point

Crevice Drop Point, Serrated Clam
  • Serrated Edge, Clam
  • Fine Edge, Clam

Gerber Blades Descent Drop Point

Descent Drop Point Fine Edge Clam
  • Fine Edge, Clam
  • Serrated Edge, Clam

Gerber Blades E-Z-Out

E-Z Out, Serrated Clip-Point, Bx
  • Serrated, Clip Point
  • Rescue, Yellow, Fully Serrated
  • Junior, Serrated Clip Point
  • Junior, Clip Point
  • Skeleton,Clip Point, Fine Edge, Box
  • Skeleton,Clip Point, Fine Edge, Clam

Gerber Blades EVO

EVO Mid - Tanto, Serrated - Clam
  • Midsize - Tanto, Serrated - Clam
  • Jr, Fine
  • Ti-Coated, Serrated
  • Ti-Coated, Fine
  • Jr, Serrated

Gerber Blades EZ-Out DPSF

EZ-Out DPSF, S30V Black- Clam
  • S30V Black

Gerber Blades Fast Draw

Fast Draw - Fine - Clam
  • Assisted Open, Fine Edge in Clam Pack
  • Assisted Open, Serrated Edge in Clam Pack

Gerber Blades Gator

Gator Clip-Point, Box
  • Clip Point
  • GH Folding Gut-Hook
  • Serrated, Clip Point
  • Gator-Mate, Clip Point
  • 154CM, Drop Point

Gerber Blades Gator Folders

Folding Gator, Serrated, Clam
  • Serrated
  • Fine Gut Hook
  • Fine Clip Point

Gerber Blades Gator II

Gator II Gut Hook - Fine, Clam
  • Gut Hook, Fine
  • Drop Point, Fine
  • Drop, Point, Serrated

Gerber Blades Icon

Icon, FE, DP, Box
  • Fine Edge, Drop Point, Box
  • Tanto, Serrated - Clam
  • Serrated Edge, Drop Point, Box

Gerber Blades LST

L.S.T., Black, Drop-Point, Bx
  • Fine Edge
  • Fine Edge, Ultralight
  • Drop Point Fine Edge
  • Fine Edge, Ultralight

Gerber Blades Magnum LST

L.S.T. Magnum Drop Point, Bx
  • Fine Edge, Black Handle

Gerber Blades Magnum LST Jr.

Camo Magnum Jr, Box
  • Fine Edge, Camo Handle

Gerber Blades Metolius

Metolius Fold GH, F/E, Box
  • Folding, Gut Hook, Fine Edge, Clam Pack
  • Folding, Gut Hook, Fine Edge, Clam Pack
  • Folding, Drop Point Blade, Fine Edge, Clam Pack
  • Folding, Drop Point Blade, Fine Edge

Gerber Blades Mini Fast Draw

Mini Fast Draw Fine Edge Clam
  • Fine Edge
  • Serrated Edge

Gerber Blades Mini-Remix

Mini-Remix 2 Blade Drop Pt, Clam
  • 2 Blade Drop Point, Clam
  • Drop Point, Fine Edge, Clam

Gerber Blades Multi-Plier

Suspension Multi Pliers - Box
  • Suspension

Gerber Blades Obsidian

Obsidian F/E - Clam
  • Fine Edge
  • Serrated Edge

Gerber Blades Paraframe I

Paraframe I Black, Serrated, Bx
  • Serrated, Black
  • Fine Edge, Stainless
  • Fine Edge, Black
  • Fine Edge Stainless Steel

Gerber Blades Paraframe II

Paraframe II, SS, Serrated, Clam
  • Serrated Stainless Steel
  • Serrated, Stainless
  • Fine Edge, Stainless

Gerber Blades Paraframe Mini

Paraframe Mini Stainless Fine, Bx
  • Fine Blade, Stainless

Gerber Blades Powerframe

Powerframe, FE, Box
  • Fine Edge, Box
  • Serrated Edge, Box

Gerber Blades Profile Knife

Folding/DP - Clam
  • Folding Drop Point
  • Folding Gut Hook

Gerber Blades Remix

  • Fine Edge, Box
  • Serrated Edge, Box

Gerber Blades Ripstop I

Ripstop I Fine Edge Box
  • Fine Edge

Gerber Blades Santiam

Santiam F/E - Clam
  • Fine Edge

Gerber Blades Slate

Slate, FE Folder, Box
  • Fine Edge Folder
  • Serrated Edge Folder

Gerber Blades Statesman F.A.S.T. Drop Point

Statesman FAST DrpPt Serr Clam
  • Serrated, Clam
  • Fine, Clam

Gerber Blades Stockman CLS

2.6 inch dbl bolster stag - clam
  • 2.6" Double Bolster Stag
  • 2 Blade Stag
  • 3 Blade Stag
  • 1 Blade Stag

Gerber Blades Torch I

Torch I Drop Point F/E Box
  • Drop Point ,Fine Edge

Gerber Blades Trendy

Trendy Pear Wood - Black Fine, Bx
  • Black Teflon with Pearwood
  • Bead Blast

Gerber Blades Void Drop Point

Void Drop Point, Fine Edge Clam
  • Fine Edge, Clam
  • Serrated, Clam

Hogue Aluminum Frame 3.5

Al Frm 3.5TB Tumble Fin Mat ODGrn
  • Tanto Blade, Tumble Finish, Matte OD Green
  • Tanto Blade, Tumble Finish, Matte Black
  • Drop Point Blade, Tumble Finish, Matte OD Green
  • Drop Point Blade, Tumble Finish, Matte Black

Hogue Aluminum Frame 4

Al Frm 4 DPB Tumble Fin Mat Blk
  • Drop Point Blade, Tumble Finish, Matte Black
  • Tanto Blade, Tumble Finish, Matte Black

Hogue Aluminum Frame 4"

Al Frm 4 TB Tumble Fin Mat ODGrn
  • Matte Olive Drab Green, Tumble Finish

Hogue G10 Frame 3.5

G10 Frm 3.5 DPB Tumble Fin Blk
  • Drop Point Blade, Tumble Finish, Black
  • Tanto Blade, Tumble Finish, Black
  • Tanto Blade, Tumble Finish, OD Green Camo
  • Drop Point Blade, Tumble Finish, OD Green Camo

Hogue G10 Frame 4

G10 Frm 4TB Tumble Fin ODGrn Camo
  • Tanto Blade, Tumble Finish, OD Green Camo
  • Tanto Blade, Tumble Finish, Black
  • Drop Point Blade, Tumble Finish, OD Green Camo

Hogue G10 Frame 4 DPB

G10 Frm 4 DPB Tumble Fin Blk
  • Tumble Finish, with G-Mascus Details, Black

Ka-Bar Dozier Folders

Dozier Bobcat Folder, Serr Green
  • Serrated Edge, Foliage Green
  • Blaze, Hunter
  • Green, Hunter
  • Black, Small
  • Folding Thumb Notch, Razor Edge
  • Straight Edge
  • Folding Hunter,Razor Edge
  • Coyote Brown, Hunter
  • Pink, Large
  • Pink, with Notch
  • Blaze, with Notch
  • Blaze, Small
  • Straight Edge, Phat Bob
  • Serrated Edge

Ka-Bar Fin Folding Frame Lock Knife

Fin Folding Frame Lock DrpPt Serr
  • Drop Point, Serrated Edge
  • Drop Point, Straight Edge
  • HawkTanto Point, Serrated Edge
  • HawkTanto Point, Straight Edge

Ka-Bar G10 Mule Folder

G10 Mule Folder Tanto, Str Edge
  • Tanto Blade, Straight Edge, Box
  • Clip Blade, Serrated Edge
  • Clip Blade, Straight Edge, Box
  • Tanto Blade, Serrated Edge

Ka-Bar Hobo

Hobo-SS Fork, Knife, Spoon
  • Stainless Steel, Clam Pack
  • Stainless Steel, Boxed

Ka-Bar Johnson Adventure Knife

Johnson Adventure BaconmakerFldr
  • Baconmaker, Folder
  • Piggyback, Folder

Ka-Bar K2

K2 Gila Lg Clip Pt Folder w/Hole
  • Gila Large Clip Point Folder w/Hole
  • Rescue Kit
  • Caiman Tanto Folder w/Hole

Ka-Bar Leather Tanto

Leather Tanto, Serrated Edge
  • Serrated Edge
  • Straight Edge

Ka-Bar Mule Folder

Mule Field Folder Str Edge w/Shth
  • Straight Edge
  • Serrated Edge
  • Serrated Edge, desert color

Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement

Large TDI LE Knife Straight Edge
  • Large, Straight Edge
  • Large, Serrated Edge
  • Large, Ankle Knife Serrated Edge
  • Large, Tanto Serrated Edge
  • Large, Ankle Knife Straight Edge
  • Large, Tanto Straight Edge

Ka-Bar Warthog Folder

Warthog Folder Tanto Serrated
  • Tanto, Serrated Edge
  • Folder II, Straight Edge
  • Folder II, Serrated Edge
  • Tanto, Straight Edge

Ka-Bar ZK Knife Series

ZK kharon tanto fldr
  • "Kharon" Tanto Folder

Kershaw Blur

Blur - Black
  • Black
  • Black Serrated Blade
  • Red
  • S30V Steel
  • Black Serrated Blade
  • Rescue Red Silver Serrated Blade
  • Tactical Blur

Kershaw Chill

  • Fine Edge
  • Combo

Kershaw Chive

Ken Onion Chive Clam
  • Clam Pack
  • Pink
  • Chive w/High Polish Finish
  • Rainbow
  • Chive
  • Chive w/Boron Carbide Finish

Kershaw Corral Creek

Corral Creek - Box
  • Clip Point
  • Sheepsfoot Blade

Kershaw D.W.O. Classic

D.W.O. Classic-Pink
  • Pink
  • Red Lockback Folder
  • Blue Lockback Folder
  • Orange Lockback Folder

Kershaw JunkYard Dog

JYD II Black G-10 Handle, Folding
  • II Black G-10 Handle, Folding

Kershaw Junkyard Dog

JYD II Composite Blade
  • II, Composite Blade

Kershaw Leek

Ken Onion - Leek Boxed
  • Leek
  • Smoke Black/Blue
  • Rainbow, Serrated
  • Black Serrated
  • Partially Serrated
  • Composite Blade
  • Aluminum Black/Red
  • Stainles Steel
  • Black
  • G10
  • Pink
  • Rainbow
  • Random

Kershaw Lockback Folder

Indian Ford Lockback Folder
  • Indian Ford
  • Squaw Creek
  • Stainless, 2 1/4 inch
  • Stainless, 3 inch

Kershaw Northside Knife

Northside Guthook
  • GutHook
  • Folder

Kershaw NRG (Energy)

NRG (Energy)
  • Original
  • II

Kershaw Packrat

  • Fine Edge Blade
  • Partially Serrated Blade

Kershaw Pocket Knives

DWO Classic Black - Lockbk Folder
  • DWO Classic Black
  • LFK

Kershaw RAM

  • Stainless Steel, Fine Edge
  • Stainless Steel, Serrated
  • Black
  • Black Serrated

Kershaw Scallion

Ken Onion Scallion Serrated Clam
  • Serrated
  • Black Serrated
  • Black
  • Aluminum Blue
  • Black
  • Aluminum Red
  • Serrated Edge, Frame Lock
  • Pink
  • Aluminum Green
  • Fine Edge, Frame Lock
  • Camo
  • Rainbow
  • Aluminum Blue

Kershaw Scamp

Scamp Combo
  • Combo
  • Fine Edge

Kershaw Shallot

  • Straight Blade
  • Black Serrated
  • Black
  • Serrated Blade

Kershaw Silver Spur

Silver Spur II - Lockback Folder
  • II, Lockback Folder
  • Lockback Folder

Kershaw Tactical Folder

Ken Onion Whirlwind 40% Serrated
  • Whirlwind, Partially Serrated
  • Whirlwind
  • Blackout, Partially Serrated
  • Whirlwind
  • Blackout
  • Blackout
  • Baby Boa
  • Blackout, Serrated

Kershaw Two Can

Two Can Aluminum Red
  • Aluminum Red
  • Aluminum Blue
  • Two Can
  • Aluminum Black

Kershaw Zing

Zing, Black
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Tango
  • Tango Combo

Leatherman c33

c33T - Straight Blade, Clam
  • T - Straight Blade, Clam
  • Tx - Combo Straight/Serrated, Clam
  • x - Combo Straight/Serrated Blade, Clam
  • Straight Blade, Clam

Leatherman e33

e33Lx - Combo Straight/Serr, Clam
  • Lx - Combo Straight / Serrated Blade, Clam
  • L - Straight Blade, Clam

Mantis Bram Frank Collaboration Knife

SiKO Bram Frank Collaboration Red
  • SiKO, Red
  • Z'mora, Black/Charcoal

Mantis Karambit Knives

Cinq I Karambit Talon Blade
  • Cinq I, Talon Blade
  • Cinq II, Tanto Blade
  • Midnight, M-vX HS Tool
  • Encore, Stainless Steel Liner & M-vX Blade

Mantis Kunitza

Kunitza MT-5 154CM 3D CNC Handles
  • CNC Handle
  • Bead Blasted

PUMA Gold Series

Gold Series 4-Star Mini Staghorn
  • 4-Star Mini Staghorn
  • 4-Star Stag
  • Duke
  • Prince
  • Cadet
  • Pretec Drop Blade/Saw
  • 4-Star Mini Brown Bone
  • Earl
  • Packer
  • Rambler
  • Skinner

Remington Accessories Elite Hunter II

Elite Hunter II Olive Wood Drop
  • Olive Wood Drop
  • Olive Wood Drop 2
  • Olive Wood Clip
  • OliveWood Drop 3

Remington Accessories Elite Skinner II

Elite Skinner II G-10 Skinner
  • G-10 Skinner
  • G-10 Guthook

Remington Accessories Escape

Escape - Black Sheepfoot
  • Black Sheepfoot
  • Black Sheepfoot and Auto Belt/Web Cutter Blade

Remington Accessories F.A.S.T.

  • Large Camo Folder, Mossy Oak Blaze Orange, Black Blade
  • Large Camo Fold Mossy Oak Blaze Orange/Stainless Steel

Remington Accessories Green Jigged Bone

Green Jigged Bone - Waterfowl
  • Waterfowl
  • Upland
  • Big Game
  • Congress
  • Mini Doctor
  • Mini Pen
  • Mini Trapper
  • Mini Toothpic
  • 2-Blade Razor
  • Gentleman's

Remington Accessories Insignia Knives

Insignia Folder BW Med Stockman
  • Folder Burl Wood Medium Stockman
  • Folder Burl Wood Large Stockman
  • Folder Burl Wood Peanut
  • Folder Burl Wood Whittler
  • Burl Wood Small Mid-Fold Hunt
  • Folder Burl Wood Canoe
  • Burl Wood Large Mid-Fold Hunt

Remington Accessories Tango II Series Knife, Collector's Tin

  • Civilian Clip Point
  • Civilian Drop Point
  • Civilian Tanto

Remington Accessories Zulu II

Zulu II - LC LawEnforcement Clip
  • LC Law Enforcement Clip
  • LD Law Enforcement Drop

SOG Knives Aegis Series Knife

  • Aegis Straight Blade
  • Tanto, Serrated, Black TiNi

SOG Knives Arcitech

  • Polished
  • Damascus CF

SOG Knives Bluto

Bluto (Black Handle)
  • (Black Handle)
  • (Blue Handle)

SOG Knives Fielder

Fielder NonAssisted
  • Non-Assisted

SOG Knives Fixed Blade

Field Pup
  • Field Pup

SOG Knives Flash II

Flash II Tanto Satin Straight
  • Tanto, Satin, Straight
  • Partially Serrated, Satin Polish Blade, Blue Handle
  • Tanto, Black TiNi, Serrated
  • Partially Serrated, Satin Polish Blade, Green Handle
  • Partially Serrated, Satin Polish Blade, Yellow Handle
  • Tanto, Satin, Serrated
  • Tanto, Black TiNi, Straight

SOG Knives Flash II Folding Blade

1/2 Serrated TiNi Flash II
  • 1/2 Serrated TiNi
  • Standard
  • 1/2 Serrated
  • 1/2 Serrated (TigerStripe)
  • DC 1/2 Serr (Black TiNi)

SOG Knives Folding Blade

Mini X Ray Vision
  • Mini X Ray Vision
  • Pentagon-Elite
  • Vulcan
  • Bllink Graphite Annodized
  • Kilowatt
  • Vision
  • X Ray Vision

SOG Knives Pendulum

  • Straight Edge
  • 1/2 Serrated

SOG Knives Revolver

Revolver SEAL (Black)
  • Seal (Black)
  • Hunter

SOG Knives Salute

  • Polished Finish
  • Fusion, (Black Blade)

SOG Knives SOGZilla

SOGZilla Large, Stainless Steel
  • Large, Stainless Steel
  • Large, Green

SOG Knives SOGzilla

SOGzilla Small
  • Small

SOG Knives SOGZilla

SOGZilla Small (Black TiNi)
  • Small, Black TiNi
  • Small, 1/2 Serrated
  • Small, Green

SOG Knives SOGzilla

SOGzilla Large
  • Large

SOG Knives SOGZilla

SOGZilla Large 1/2 Serrated
  • Large, 1/2 Serrated
  • Small, Red
  • Large, Red
  • Large (Black TiNi)

SOG Knives Spec Folding Blade

Spec-Elite I
  • Elite I
  • Elite II

SOG Knives Stingray Series Knife

Stingray - Carbon Fiber Inlay
  • Carbon Fiber Inlay
  • Stingray Hide Inlay

SOG Knives Tomcat

Tomcat 3.0
  • 3.0, Kraton Handle
  • LTD, Carbon Blade

SOG Knives Toothlock Folder

Toothlock Folder 1/2 Serrated
  • 1/2 Serrated
  • Black TiNi
  • Satin Polish

SOG Knives Trident

Trident Desert Camo (Copper TiNi)
  • Desert Camo Copper TiNi
  • Tanto Black TiNi
  • Black TiNi

SOG Knives Trident Folding Blade

SOG Trident Black TiNi
  • Black TiNi
  • Tanto Black TiNi
  • 1/2 Serrated Tiger Stripe
  • Tanto Edge
  • Straight Edge

SOG Knives Twitch Folding Blade

Twitch II - Clam Pack
  • Twitch II, Clam Pack
  • Twitch I
  • Black TiNi
  • XL Graphite Handle
  • Twitch II, Box
  • 1/2 Serrated
  • XL Tanto Black Handle Black TiNi Blade
  • XL Tanto(Graphite Handle)
  • XL 1/2 Serrated

SOG Knives Visionary Knife

Visionary I
  • I
  • II

SOG Knives Vulcan Series Knife

Vulcan Mini
  • Mini

Umarex USA Walther Tactical Folding Knife

Walther STK Tact Folding 3.1 slv
  • Silver, 3.1" Blade
  • Black, 3.9" Tanto Blade
  • Black, 3.3" Blade

Winchester Knives Burl Wood Knives

2.5 dbl bolster lock -burl pk
  • 2.5" Double Bolster Lockback
  • 3 Blade Stockman
  • Sheath Folder
  • 2 Blade Stockman

Winchester Knives Checkered Wood Folder, Clam Pack

Checker Wood Fld 3.25 serr clam
  • 3.25", Serrated
  • 3", Fine

Winchester Knives Clip Folder, Clam Pack

Medium 2.6 clip folder serr clam
  • Medium 2.6", Serrated
  • Small 2.25", Fine Edge
  • Large 2.9", Serrated

Winchester Knives Jigged Bone Knives

Mini Two Blade Stockman - Clam JB
  • Mini Two Blade Stockman
  • 2.5" Double Bolster Lockback
  • 3 Blade Stockman
  • 2 Blade Trapper

Winchester Knives Pakka Wood Knives

2.5 inch dbl bolster lockback pak pak
  • 2.5" Double Bolster Lockback
  • 2 Blade Stockman

Winchester Knives Parfive TI

Parfive TI Tanto - Clam
  • Tanto
  • Drop Point

Winchester Knives Shape Wood Folder, Fine Edge Blade, Clam Pack

Shape 3 wood fold fine edge clam
  • 3"

Winchester Knives Shaped Wood Folder Fine Edge Blade, Clam Pack

Shaped 3.5 wood folder fine clam
  • 3.5"

Winchester Knives Winchester Brass Folder

Winch 2.5 brass folder clam
  • 2.5"
  • 3.25", With Sheath
  • 3.5", With Sheath

Winchester Knives Winchester Wood Folder

2.25 clip folder serrated
  • 2.25" Serrated
  • 3" Serrated

Winchester Knives Winchester Yellow Boy

Ersatz Yellow Boy Trapper 2 Blade
  • Trapper 2 Blade
  • 3-Blade

Additional Folding Knives

  • Browning
    M111C Walnut Clip Point, Large
  • Browning
    711 2 Blade Obsession Silver
  • Browning
    3071 Presentation Lockback Bone
  • Browning
    713 1 Blade Obsession Silver
  • Browning
    M111D G-10 Drop Point, Large
  • Browning
    828 Featherweight Big Game II
  • Browning
    Chinook Charcoal
  • Browning
    Presentation Lockback Stainless
  • CAS Hanwei
  • CAS Hanwei
  • CAS Hanwei
  • CAS Hanwei
  • Case Cutlery
    22087 SS Black Synthetic Med Jack
  • Case Cutlery
    6265 SS Folding Hunter
  • Case Cutlery
    3207SS Yel Hndl Mini Trppr
  • Case Cutlery
    6207G SS Natural Golf Gift Tin
  • Case Cutlery
    64090R SS Amber Jr. Scout
  • Case Cutlery
    31048SS Yel Barehead SlmLine
  • Case Cutlery
    3254SS Yel Trapper
  • Coast
    Folding Knife with Carabiner
  • Coast
    Coast Commander Boxed
  • Coast
    Key Ring Lockback
  • Coast
    Z-Frame Large
  • Coast
  • Coast
    Silhouette Knife with Money Clip
  • Coast
    Talon Knife
  • Cold Steel
    American Lawman
  • Cold Steel
    Pocket Bushman
  • Cold Steel
    Mini Lawman
  • Cold Steel
    Rajah III
  • Cold Steel
  • Cold Steel
    Mini AK-47
  • Cold Steel
    Mini Tuff Lite PE
  • Cold Steel
  • Cold Steel
  • Columbia River
    Crawford Natural 2 - Jig Bone, RS
  • Columbia River
    M16-10 EDC Blk Zytel Handle Comb
  • Columbia River
    M21 Carson Spear Point Combo Clam
  • Columbia River
    Ashworth Turtle, Pink Scales
  • Columbia River
    Ken Onion Ripple- Stnls Stl, Blue
  • Gerber Blades
    EAB Pocket Knife, Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    STL 2.0 F/E Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    Remix, FE, Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    Paraframe Mini / Stainless, FE - Cl
  • Gerber Blades
    Powerframe, FE, Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    Torch II Tanto G-10 Black S/E Box
  • Gerber Blades
    Traverse S/E - Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    AR 3.00-Blk, Serrated / Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    Hinderer CLS- Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    Ultimate Game Cleaning Kit Cl
  • Gerber Blades
    06 F.A.S.T. Clip Folder, Box
  • Gerber Blades
    PR 2.5 F/E Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    Swagger,Drop Point Ser/Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    EAB Lite - Fine Edge - Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    Answer 3.25 , FE, DP Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    Double Take - Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    Traverse Tanto S/E - Clam
  • Gerber Blades
    Applegate Combat Fldr / Dbl Edg / Serr
  • Gerber Blades
    DMF Mod Clip Pt,Fine Edge Box
  • Gerber Blades
    DMF Tanto, Serrated Box
  • Ka-Bar
    TDI Folder,Serrated
  • Kershaw
    Grant County - Lockback Folder
  • Kershaw
    Oso Sweet
  • Kershaw
    Black Gulch - Box
  • Kershaw
    Black Colt II - Lockback Folder
  • Kershaw
    Half Ton
  • Kershaw
    Ken Onion Needs Work
  • Kershaw
    Salvo-Serrated - Box
  • Kershaw
    Whiskey Gap - Lockback Folder
  • Kershaw
    Black Horse II Camo - Box
  • Kershaw
    Double Cross - 2 Blade Folder
  • Kershaw
    Double Duty - 2 Blade Folder
  • Kershaw
    Nerve Combo
  • Kershaw
  • Kershaw
  • Kershaw
  • Kershaw
    Salvo - Box
  • Kershaw
    Wildcat Ridge - Box
  • Kershaw
  • Kershaw
  • Kershaw
  • Kershaw
    Tanto Groove
  • Kershaw
    Wild Turkey - Lockback Folder
  • Leupold
    Tactical Utility Knife
  • Leupold
    Tactical Presentation Knife
  • Mantis
    Monacoe Utility, BG-42 Steel
  • Mantis
    Folding Knife, 1/2 and 1/2 Blade
  • Mantis
    Isosceles, Black Straight Blade
  • Mantis
    Aardvark Bead Blasted EDC Folder
  • Mantis
    Class Act, Poly Handle & 3 Blade
  • Mantis
    Churchkey I Opener & Shorty DP
  • Mantis
    Classiest Act, Black S30V Blade
  • Mantis
    Tough Tony
  • Mantis
    Chaos Folder, G-10 Black, Plain
  • Mantis
    Pit Boss
  • Mantis
    Classier Act Utility, S30V Steel
  • PUMA
    Damascus Folder - Thuya Wood
  • Remington Accessories
    F.A.S.T.Lg CamoFldr / MOBlzOrng/SS
  • Remington Accessories
    Zulu II CT CivilianTanto
  • SOG Knives
    Trident Part Serr Blk TiNi/CP
  • SOG Knives
    Flash II Partially Serr, StnCP
  • SOG Knives
    Access Card 2.0 - Black
  • SOG Knives
    Flash I
  • SOG Knives
    Pentagon Elite II
  • SOG Knives
    Blink Black TiNi
  • SOG Knives
    Contractor Fusion
  • SOG Knives
    Access Card
  • SOG Knives
    Flash I 2.5" / Part Ser,Blk Ti/Pk
  • SOG Knives
    Woodline Folder
  • SOG Knives
    Facet (Nickel Sil / Carbon Fiber)
  • SOG Knives
  • Winchester Knives
    SprgAssis t2.0" FldClp, DrpPt, FinClm

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Choosing the Best Folding Knives: A Buying Guide

While many folding knives can serve a number of purposes, there is often the best knife for every type of situation. At Outdoor Sports Depot, we sell a wide selection of folding knives so you are sure to find the perfect knife for your needs.

Some features that you will need to consider when choosing the best folding knife includes:

  • Blade Type: Blades can be serrated or non-serrated. To decide between these two types you should consider the types of tasks you will most often use the knife for. Additionally, some folding knives come with both a serrated and a non-serrated knife blade for versatility. When selecting the blade type it is important to keep in mind that serrated knives can be sharpened easily at home, while non-serrated blades must be professionally sharpened.
  • Handle Type: The handles on folding knives can be made out of a vast number of materials including rubber for a non-slip grip, lightweight aluminum or titanium, durable steel or nylon, and classic wood or stag. When selecting a handle material you should consider looks, weight, durability, comfort, and grip in order to select the best knife for your needs.
  • Material: Folding knife blades can be made out of a variety of types of materials and can feature a variety of special coatings, such as titanium coatings to protect the blade and prevent rust. Most often folding knife blades are made of some type of stainless steel for durability.
  • Locking Mechanism: There are a variety of types of locking mechanisms available on folding knives including linerlock and lockback styles. Additionally, many manufactures have patented their own locking technologies. When comparing folding knives, it is often important to select a knife with a secure locking mechanism for safety and extra strength.

Our Discount Folding Knives

At Outdoor Sports Depot, we sell a variety of folding knives from leading knife manufacturers. These discount folding knives are ideal for any situation from hunting or tactical situations to everyday or other outdoor situations. Our affordable folding knives include:

  • Browning Folding Knives
  • CAS Hanwei Folding Knives
  • Case Cutlery Folding Knives
  • Coast Folding Knives
  • Cold Steel Folding Knives
  • Columbia River Folding Knives
  • Gerber Folding Knives
  • Hogue Folding Knives
  • Ka-Bar Folding Knives
  • Kershaw Folding Knives
  • Leatherman Folding Knives
  • Leupold Folding Knives
  • Mantis Folding Knives
  • PUMA Folding Knives
  • Remington Folding Knives
  • SOG Folding Knives
  • Umarex Folding Knives
  • Winchester Folding Knives

If you are unable to find a knife like you are looking for in our folding knives, please feel free to browse our other discount knives for sale as well as our popular Gerber Knives or Kershaw Knives.