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Crosman Air Rifles: High-Powered Air Guns

Whether you are interested in buying a high-powered air rifle for hunting and pest control, an accurate air rifle for target shooting and competition shooting, or an entry level air rifle for youth and new shooters, one of the many Crosman air rifles that we sell at Outdoor Sports Depot can be an excellent choice for your needs. Each of our Crosman air rifles features quality engineering and innovative technologies in order to satisfy any shooters demands. Please browse our selection of discount air rifles to find the best Crosman air rifle for you. If you are unable to find a Crosman air rifle that meets your particular needs, please see our complete selection of air rifles and air pistols for sale.

Crosman Air Rifles

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About Crosman Air Guns & Rifles

Crosman was founded in 1923 as Crosman Arms Company. The company then, as it is now, was centered around offering customers high quality and innovation. Since the beginning, the company has been manufacturing products for the shooting sports, primarily air rifles and air pistols as well as quality air gun ammunition. With the company’s complete collection of Crosman air rifles and pistols, it has maintained a position as an entry level producer for air guns as well as developed a status as a manufacturer of world-class air guns.

Crosman has now developed a product line that consists of a variety popular air rifles and pistols including pneumatic and CO2 powered air guns, while utilizing the latest innovations and technology to create innovative air rifles such as the spring air powered air gun. Today, Crosman manufacturers a variety of air guns including some of the most popular air rifles and air pistols for competition target shooting, air gun hunting, pest control, and backyard shooting as well as a variety of air gun equipment such as optics and ammunition for air rifle and pistol shooting.

Popular Crosman Air Rifles

Some of the popular Crosman air rifles that you can buy online from our discount sporting goods store include:

  • Crosman .177 Remington NP with Carbon Fiber Stock: This Crosman air rifle uses Crosman’s patented Nitro Piston technology to produce shot velocities up to 1200 feet per second with dramatically reduced noise and recoil making it perfect for small game hunting and varmint hunting.
  • Crosman Summit Break Barrel Air Rifle: This break barrel air rifle offers up to 1000 feet per second of power and a variety of special features to improve accuracy. From the included high-end scope, to multiple adjustment capabilities and a rifled steel barrel, this Crosman air rifle is ideal for small game hunting, pest control, and target shooting.
  • Crosman Phantom Air Rifle: The Phantom is a powerful Crosman air rifle that is designed to be used for pest control and target shooting. This air rifle has an innovative body style tailored to the break barrel user. This air rifle features innovative styling, sleek, clean, and defined lines and incredible power up to 1000 feet per second.
  • Crosman Pumpmaster Air Rifle: This is an affordable Crosman air rifle that has been a proven favorite for over four decades. This bolt-action pump air rifle is ideal for pest control and target shooting and is available in a classic pink color for female shooters.
  • Crosman Recruit Air Rifle: This affordable Crosman air rifle features an adjustable stock that makes it ideal for young shooters from 4 to 6 feet tall. Because the stock is adjustable, this variable pump Crosman air rifle can grow with young shooters.
  • Crosman Marlin Cowboy Air Rifle: This Crosman air rifle is the perfect entry level rifle for any young target shooter and can meet the needs of any young shooters for plinking and target shooting. This children’s Crosman air rifle features a classic look and feel with a stamped all metal receiver and finely finished hardwood stock and forearm.